Based on our experiences and history in Demolition Industry, we are capable of taking subcontracts to large scale contracts such as demolishing a full commercial building. Our customer spectrum is quite broad, as we adjust our requirements to customer’s need.

We consider all inquiry seriously, and strive to provide best services at a reasonable cost.

We offer various service including :

  • Full commercial building demolition
  • Asbestos removal
  • Residential building demolition
  • Major infrastructure demolition
  • Selling Scrap metals/ demolition material
  • Hire / Selling Excavators

    SALE: We can help you to import excavators, all we need is details of Excavator. To meet your requirement, we it may take time to source all quotes however once sale is completed we will arrange everything for you, hassle free. So, if you are interested, why wait? Give us a call now and we will assist you.

    HIRE: If you need to hire an excavator, with or without operator, we can provide you with several options. We have ranges of excavators available to be hired. When you lease excavators, you will not be charged for maintenance fee nor repair cost if it’s damaged. This will provide you peace of mind when unexpected circumstances occur.

  • Selling expendable parts for excavators
    • Air filters
    • Fuel filters
    • Engine oil filters
    • Diesel filters
    • O ring kit
    • Seal kit

    We only deal with genuine parts at a very competitive price.The delivery could take up to 2 weeks.